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Message from Dean Eric Martone

As Dean, I welcome you to the School of Education! Nelson M和ela once said, “教育是你可以用来改变世界的最有力的武器." Here at Mercy University, 我们的课程涵盖了从幼儿到高中的整个教育领域, including offerings in early 童年, 童年, secondary education, 读写能力, TESOL, bilingual education, special education 和 educational leadership. We also offer a unique five-year program, 所以你可以作为本科生开始上研究生课, 并在五年内获得学士和硕士学位.

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Center for STEM Education

The Mercy University Center for STEM Education (CSE), 为STEM中代表性不足的群体创造机会,让他们参与丰富的学习活动, 职业准备, 享受, 和 personal 和 community growth. 作为威彻斯特和罗克兰地区唯一这样的学术中心, CSE举办活动, 组织活动并开展包括当地学校和STEM教育相关研究在内的社区外展活动. The CSE partners with Mercy faculty on initiatives 和 grants 和 provides opportunities for School of Education students to volunteer in the community 和 support STEM-related projects.



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Tuesday October 24, 2023


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Friday September 22, 2023

Mercy University Celebrates Inauguration of Susan L. Parish as its 13th President


Global Education Review

Global Education Review 是一个报告教育实践方法和影响的论坛吗, as well as the influence of 社会, 经济, 以及政治力量对不同国家或全球地区教育实践的影响. 蒙古包 is published in thematic 和 non-thematic issues that reflect on historical 和 contemporary policy 和 practice in educational settings in the United States 和 abroad. 选定的主题侧重于与教育领域相关的问题, with implications for policy nationally 和/or globally.


School of Education Highlights

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Impact of Our 项目

Mercy University graduates go on to have wide ranging impacts in school districts of varying sizes across New York State. 我们很自豪能够与大家分享我们项目的成果,因为这关系到教师的效率, graduate satisfaction, 和 desirability of Mercy graduates in the field. 我们邀请您回顾教育学院的成就和我们的影响分析的实证数据.

Educational Leadership

National Accreditation

Our School of Education was the first institution in the US to be awarded initial national accreditation by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)  其后继机构教育专业人士评审委员会(制定). All of our master's degree programs in Childhood, 儿童早期, Secondary Education, Special Education, TESOL, 扫盲和教育领导是由他们的专业协会全国认可, 所有初级和高级学位课程纳入2020年最新的制定认证审查.

School of Education Accolades

Important Information

  2021年秋季 2022年春季
儿童早期 和 Childhood 262 276
教育(茎) 14 12
读写能力 和 Multilingual Studies 99 101
Secondary Education 81 86
Educational Leadership 50 48
Special Education 45 46
特殊的程序 (Education) 23 23
5年计划 363 330
学校心理咨询 53 55
学校心理学 76 70


A trailblazer in the field of education, the Mercy College School of Education became the first institution in the United States to be awarded initial national accreditation by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) 其后继机构教育专业人士评审委员会(制定). 除了, 我们所有的儿童硕士学位教育项目, 儿童早期, Secondary Education (English, 数学, 生物学, 物理, 化学, 和 Social Studies), Special Education, TESOL, 读写能力, 和教育领导力是由他们的专业协会在全国范围内认可的. National accreditation provides a seal of approval for Mercy 和 enhances our graduates' credentials when seeking employment.


根据高等教育授权法案第二章, institutions with teacher preparation programs must report to their respective state (New York State Education Department) on specific data elements related to teacher programs annually. This information is compiled 和 made available to the general public by the US Department of Education on the aggregate level, 由国家, 和 by respective institution on an annual basis.


The unit is dedicated to preparing effective educators, 包括教师和其他学校专业人员,他们是反思的实践者,拥有知识基础, technological skills, 研究工具 和 professional proficiencies 和 dispositions to empower them to help diverse students succeed in their learning 和 community environments. The unit supports the values of 能力, 多样性, 合作和道德实践,并致力于所有学生都能学习的宗旨.


The Mercy College Conceptual Framework represents the group effort of faculty members in all unit programs to establish the philosophy, 指导单位及其个别项目的管理原则和标准. Through a consistent plan for curriculum, 指令, 实地考察, clinical practice 和 assessment, the Conceptual Framework sets forth the shared vision, 任务, professional commitments 和 explicit proficiencies 和 dispositions the unit considers to be requisites for the preparation of teachers 和 other school professionals, enabling them to become Effective Educators.

Professional Education Unit 项目:

项目 in the School of Education:

  • 儿童早期 Education
  • Childhood Education
  • 中等教育:科学(生物、物理、化学)、英语、数学、社会科学
  • 读写能力
  • Special Education
  • Educational Leadership


  • 学校心理咨询
  • 学校心理学


Unit values 和 competencies are supported by the six goals 和 related proficiencies that define the effective educator in the unit’s Conceptual Framework. The six goals are: 内容知识,教学和专业知识,多样性,技术,反思 和 性情


候选目标 C和idate Proficiencies
1. 内容知识

1.1 Demonstrate knowledge of current research, 理论, models 和 practice in the discipline or content area

1.2 Exhibit 能力 in the discipline or content area

2. Pedagogical 和 Professional Knowledge

2.1 .针对学生认知问题,策划并提供指导和专业服务, 语言, 学术, 文化, 社会, emotional 和 physical strength 和 needs


2.使用评估和其他基于数据的信息源描述, inform 和 document student learning

3. 多样性

3.1 Implement curricula of inclusion 和 provide intervention services that respect 和 build on the strengths of students from diverse experiential backgrounds


3.3 Exhibit awareness of how students' 文化, 语言, 种族和经验背景有助于学校和更广泛的社区

4. 技术

4.1 Analyze 和 evaluate existing 和 emerging technological tools for advancing education goals 和 data-based decision making

4.2 Adapt technology effectively for student learning

4.3 .坚持技术的道德、法律和专业标准

5. 反射


5.在教学和专业规划中使用自我评价, 促进健康和福祉,维护安全和有效的学习环境

6. 性情

6.1 Demonstrate commitment to ethical 和 legal practice through professional behaviors 和 consistent adherence to ethical st和ards


6.3 Demonstrate the belief that all students can learn through respectful interaction 和 by providing experiences that encourage all students to be successful learners



The unit has developed an assessment system to support the implementation of these goals 和 to help stakeholders better evaluate unit effectiveness 和 determine areas for improvement. It outlines a process for continuous review of the effectiveness of the unit’s programs 和 operations serving our c和idates, 和 includes a wide array of assessment processes, 包括基于课程的关键评估,以评估候选人的进展, 评估教学效果的课程评估, 离职调查和为期一年的跟踪调查,以检查候选人对该部门项目有效性的看法, as well as employer surveys to obtain their employers’ perspectives on our graduates’ preparedness for employment in the field of education. 

An Emphasis on 多样性:

概念框架将多样性的价值贯穿于内容之中, pedagogical 和 clinical proficiencies 和 professional dispositions required of unit c和idates for teaching 和 other school professions. Within its curricula, assignments 和 st和ards for clinical practice, the unit stresses inclusion 和 respect for the ethnic, 考生和教师之间以及学生之间的文化和语言差异, parents 和 staff in P-12 communities. Mercy College is a federally- designated Hispanic-Serving Institution proud to serve a diverse c和idate population 和 was ranked in the top 100 schools awarding master’s degrees to Hispanics (Hispanic Outlook 5/072012). The unit strives to recruit 和 develop teachers 和 other school professional c和idates from ethnically 和 文化ly diverse backgrounds who demonstrate their potential to provide quality 指令 to all learners.

在他们的职业教育项目中取得进步, 候选人有机会在丰富多样的环境中相互交流,并与大学教师互动. The faculty provides c和idates with the 学术 和 pedagogical context to integrate research 和 st和ards-based curricula into practice 和 provides knowledge into how 文化, 语言, 种族和经验背景有助于解决问题.

关键评估结果表明,候选人表现出与学生合作的能力, families 和 colleagues in ways that reflect the various proficiencies 和 dispositions expected of them as professional educators. They demonstrate underst和ing, 与所有学生都能学习的信念相一致的专业行为和价值观. 

联系 the School of Education

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